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Samuel Evans

Samuel Evans

Sam Evans is the Managing Director and Founder of Gather Social. Gather Social was established before you could even run Facebook and Instagram adverts and has seen the marketing landscape shift dramatically towards a digital-first world. This landscape has shifted further, as the global pandemic has sped up the digital transformation process, by forcing companies to adopt a digital-first approach.

Gather Social has a team of creative content creators, making sure its clients have access to every content format required to be successful in today digital world. All creative guesswork is eliminated through extensive creative data analysis and this allows us to make designs based on not what we think will work but on improving on what we already know is working.

Operating primarily in the midlands, Gather Social services clients, both nationally and internationally. The business is proud to be able to provide the same level of support for customers with large and small budgets alike and believes in delivering excellent marketing for any budget.

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