How often do your events take place?

Our events generally take place every 4-6 weeks on average.

Where are your events held?

Our events take place in various venues in and around Nottingham with our main venue for seminars being Brewhouse & Kitchen, Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

Is membership required in order to attend your events?

No, membership is not a requirement for attending events, however is available and offers various discounts and benefits including free seminar access amongst other things.

What format do your events usually take?

Our seminars feature key speakers surrounding various topics, as well as relaxed networking, a light lunch and refreshments throughout, however, we will also be launching some additional events to the calendar including workshops, round tables, brunches and lunches.

What demographic do your events usually attract?

Our events welcome anyone from the property, construction, facilities are finance background, in both residential and commercial areas, who are mainly decision makers.

Is your network gender specific?

No, we welcome everyone to our network and are no longer a ‘women’s only’ property network

Latest News

The East Midlands Bricks Awards – Postponed

  • Article Date17/03/2020
  • Article AuthorFiona Duncan-Steer (RSVIP)

Due to concerns over COVID-19 and the increasing measures that are expected to be taken with regards to events, we have taken the reluctant step of postponing the East Midlands Bricks Awards scheduled to take place on the 25th March. This was not a decision made lightly, but after consulting with staff, sponsors and finalists we have decided that it is better to prioritise the safety of attendees and postpone the event. The nominations already taken…


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